HST America webinars now available.

**Due to popularity, webinars are being offered through 2018**

We are offering FREE one-on-one webinars with leading sleep experts from HST America. Our concierge webinars are perfect for busy offices looking to get started or looking to improve a dental sleep program in their practice. If you’re interested in learning more about our ‘zero dollar sleep protocol,’ this webinar is a great starting point, and a step in the right direction.

Begin screening, testing, and treating sleep apnea patients today with no fees for outsourcing diagnostic testing. Our protocol does not require purchase of expensive equipment or software!

Success in Sleep Webinar


Host: Henry Armstrong, HST America
Format: One hour webinar
Time / date: You tell us!


Overview: Dentists are now considered front line providers of medically necessary therapy for sleep related breathing disorders. With this role comes increased responsibility. It is now necessary to be educated on the entire sleep health diagnostic and treatment process as well as factors related to the specific management of obstructive sleep apnea. In this webinar, a dental sleep medicine expert will briefly review information about dental sleep medicine, practice protocols and some staggering facts and statistics that will force you to look differently at almost every patient.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understand a broad overview of sleep apnea, screening, and diagnostic systems.
  2. Identify and manage sleep apnea patients in the general dentistry practice.
  3. Encourage and enable the continuation of education in sleep dysfunction in order to provide service to the millions of sleep apnea suffers.

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