Concierge home sleep testing.

HST America specializes in diagnostic home sleep testing services for dentists.

In-person home delivery

Fast delivery and
training on use

Low turnaround times

Turnaround times as
low as 7-10 days

Most patient insurance plans accepted.

Most patient insurance
plans accepted

No cost to dentist

Services provided at
no cost to dentist

We handle all administration necessary to onboard the patient. As part of the home sleep test process we:

Verify patient insurance coverage within 24 hours of referral

Deliver and educate patient on device use

Retrieve and upload data for scoring by board-certified sleep physician

Deliver the results to you within 7-10 business days*

*Turnaround times are dependent on immediate patient availability.

The device.

The SleepMed ARES is our unit of choice as it is simple to use, with minimal wiring and additional parts, and contains enough battery for two nights of testing. For the patient, ARES setup is simple with four easy steps:

The ARES is capable of recording and scoring respiratory events during sleep (e.g., apneas, hypopnea, mixed apneas and flow limiting events). After the patient has completed the test, the HST America technician connects the device to an online portal, which transmits the information to a board-certified sleep physician licensed in the patient’s state of residence. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations are then provided to the patient’s referring dentist.


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