How to refer patients for diagnostic home sleep testing.

Refer patients in five simple steps!

HST America specializes in diagnostic home sleep testing services for dentists. We have been working with sleep apnea patients for the last decade and are the only national testing program where units are hand-delivered and demonstrated. Referring patients is a quick and simple process, outlined below.

1. Screen

Screen patients with the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire. Many practices provide the form to the patient while in the waiting room, then review during the appointment.

2. Order

Complete a Home Sleep Test Prescription Form and submit by email or fax. Please include a copy of the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire and both sides of the patient’s medical insurance card.

3. Insurance Verification

We verify the patient’s insurance and make contact to discuss out of pocket costs, if any. Approved patients are scheduled for a two night home sleep test.

4. Testing

We hand-deliver the equipment and provide in-person training. We also maintain an overnight patient support line should additional assistance be required.

5. Results

After the patient has successfully completed the test, we retrieve the device and upload the data the same day. The data is then scored by a board-certified sleep physician and sent to the referring dentist. The average turnaround time from referral to result is approximately 5-7 business days, assuming immediate patient availability.

Download documents here.

Simple steps brochure, outlines steps to referring patients to HST America.
Simple Steps Brochure
HST America Pre-Appointment Questionnaire.
Pre-Appointment Questionnaire
HST America Home Sleep Test Prescription Form.
Home Sleep Test Prescription Form

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