HST America appointment cards

Appointment Cards

Hot off the press: we have new appointment cards for use in your practice. Appointment cards are used at the time of home sleep test referral, as a take-home reminder for the patient.

HST America appointment card - front side.

Front Side

Smooth and velvety coating. Outlines basic information about home sleep testing and HST America so your patients know what to expect when we call to verify insurance and schedule a night for the home sleep test. Also contains our contact information, in the event the patient has questions about next steps they can contact us directly.

HST America appointment card - back side.

Back Side

Uncoated back side that can be written on without smudging. On the left side: tick the warning signs and symptoms that are relevant to the patient’s home sleep test. On the right side: record the time and date of the follow-up appointment to review sleep study results. There’s also a place to stamp your practice information, if you’d like.

Would you like a set of cards?

Contact Dental Sleep Program Manager, Henry on henrya@hstamerica.com today.