What is a Home Sleep Test?

As the name suggests, a home sleep test (HST) is a diagnostic sleep test that is performed using equipment at home. The benefit of an HST is that testing in your natural sleep environment increases comfort and convenience of use against a test in the foreign environment of a sleep lab in a different bed to what you are used to.

The other benefit of this testing is it’s less expensive than a facility-based test resulting in much lower out-of-pocket costs. Home sleep testing has been approved by the FDA and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is now the required form of initial sleep testing by many major health insurance payers.

We perform tests for cash and through commercial insurance. As we have a durable medical equipment arm, government regulations preclude us from providing a HST service for Medicare or Medicaid patients.

How does the process work?

We can provide home sleep testing in all lower 48 states. Your doctor simply places your order for an HST through us. The requirements are:

A completed order form that includes your insurance information (if applicable) and prescription.

Once received, we will verify your insurance information with your insurance company and will then call you to make sure you have a clear understanding of costs associated with the procedure and get your approval (or will call you to confirm your order for a cash payment).

We will coordinate with you and your doctor in order to get your prescription.

When your prescription is in hand, we will contact you regarding delivery of the HST device. The device is FedEx’d overnight to you with written instructions and educational material to ensure you have a clear understanding of how to use the equipment. Support is provided by phone where needed.

After two nights of testing, the device is returned using the provided pre-paid return label.

Once testing is complete, we will directly bill your insurance for services (and bill you any co-pay or deductible). Test results are sent directly to your doctor.

What does Home Sleep Testing cost?

Diagnostic sleep testing is covered by most insurance plans and the amount of out-of-pocket expense, if any, varies by plan. We will discuss all payment options prior to shipping the test. Alternatively, we do take a low cash payment.

About Us

We deliver ‘concierge’ level diagnostic home sleep testing for all lower 48 states. We built our service from the ground up to solve the perennial problem suffered by physician’s offices referring HST’s…slow turnaround (sometimes weeks) and a lack of visibility to the process. With these issues in mind we keep our referring physicians informed with every step in the process and we turn around testing and diagnosis 5-7 days from scheduled test date.

For patients, we offer multiple layers of education and problem solving of use of the equipment including live assistance from one of our licensed RN’s if required. If you have any questions relating to your account including insurance, billing and collections you can reach our patient services department on (855) 347-5337 9am-9pm Eastern and 6am to 6pm Pacific, (M-F) or email contact@hstamerica.com anytime.


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