Success in Sleep dental sleep medicine seminar by HST America.

Hot off the press, we’re adding a new Success in Sleep seminar date this November 3rd: New York City! East Coast practices, mark your calendars. We’ll open registration on the website as soon as the venue is locked in.

This weekend we held our second seminar with a great group of dentists, hygienists, and office managers in sunny San Diego, California. Henry Armstrong, Dental Sleep Program Manager here at HST America, and Dr. Marty Lipsey, President of Medical Billing for Dentists, lead the group through the zero dollar sleep protocol. Guest speaker Frank Madrigal, President of the local True Function Laboratory, gave a short lecture on lab requirements for positioned appliances, highlighting the importance of accurate impressions.

Today we’re proud to present our seminar marketing video! The video was filmed at our Los Angeles course, with thanks to Andrew from Metta Agency and Ryan from Future Vega. Additional thanks to Dr. Bergara and Dr. Mora for providing video testimonials.

The video highlights two of the most important points we communicate about the Success in Sleep seminar:

  1. The one-day format is created to be short, succinct, and to-the-point. We touch on a full protocol of sleep apnea screening, testing, treatment, and billing to give you confidence to start the implementation process.
  2. Our protocol does not require the purchase of expensive equipment or software. In the last hour you’re not going to receive a hard pitch to purchase a ~$10,000 package or any other monetary obstacle to implementing a sleep apnea program immediately. We do recommend services: home sleep testing by HST America, medical billing by Medical Billing for Dentists, and appliances fabricated by our lab partners. These recommendations come with no strings attached.

You’ll be sure to see this video around on our site and socials! Enjoy!

HST America's Success in Sleep seminar held in Los Angeles, California.

Scott from SML Labs presenting at the Los Angeles seminar

HST America's Success in Sleep seminar held in San Diego, California.

Frank from True Function Laboratory presenting at the San Diego seminar

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