Top reasons to get into sleep apnea treatment.

As a presenter at the HST America seminar series, Success in Sleep, I have the honor of sharing how to implement a sleep apnea treatment protocol into dental practices. Many dentists that come to learn with us have a personal reason that lead them into this area of interest. It may be a personal struggle with sleep apnea, a family or office member who suffers, or a patient that asked about these types of services.

Whatever reason brought you here, we are here to share our implementation-ready, no-equipment, and no-software protocol! It’s called the ‘zero dollar sleep protocol’ and you can learn more about it at our seminars.

Here are the top three reasons I believe sleep apnea treatment is so attractive:

1. Be a hero

Improving a patient’s quality of life is a satisfying accomplishment as a healthcare practitioner. Imagine saving a life? Many dentists have heartwarming testimonials from patients about this life-changing, and at times life-saving, treatment.

2. Increase revenue

Using our protocol, we have seen offices add five and six figures to their practices in the first year.

3. Job satisfaction

No pun intended, but treating sleep is a breath of fresh air for most dentists. Compared to the stress of the normal daily dental grind, dental sleep medicine is easy on the mind and body! Most dentists get excited!

I hope to see you at one of our upcoming seminars!

Upcoming seminar dates

Sleep seminar Los Angeles June
Sleep seminar San Diego July
Sleep seminar Orange County September

About the author

Dr Marty Lipsey from Medical Billing for Dentists

Marty R. Lipsey received his DDS degree from UCLA and a Master of Science from Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Lipsey is the founder of Dental Sleep Med Systems and Medical Billing For Dentists, offering dental teams assistance in implementing and improving their dental sleep medicine practices, including outsourced medical billing and successful insurance coding and processing. Dr. Lipsey lectures nationally on dental sleep medicine and medical billing and is a full time advocate for sleep health and effective medical billing systems.