Date and time:
Friday June 10, 2018
8:00am – 5:00pm

To be announced

One day, 8 CE Credits

$249 / Dentist*
$99 / Staff*

Marty R. Lipsey, DDS, MS

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Course overview:

Module 1: Initial Sleep Screening

  • Introduction to sleep disorders
  • How to evaluate and identify OSA risk
  • Effective ways to communicate your findings

Module 2: Diagnostic Sleep Testing

  • Working with sleep physicians
  • Understanding sleep test results
  • Case presentation and treatment options

Module 3: Clinical Treatment

  • Bite registrations and impressions
  • Appliance selection and titrations
  • After treatment follow-up

Module 4: Medical Billing

  • Medical insurance basics
  • Benefits and challenges of Medicare
  • Billing solutions and options


If you need assistance please contact:

Henry Armstrong
Dental Sleep Program Manager
(702) 389-4910

Or check out the Success in Sleep FAQ


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HST America's Success in Sleep seminar held in San Diego, California.

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About the speaker

Dr Marty Lipsey from Medical Billing for Dentists

Marty R. Lipsey received his DDS degree from UCLA and a Master of Science from Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Lipsey is the founder of Dental Sleep Med Systems and Medical Billing For Dentists, offering dental teams assistance in implementing and improving their dental sleep medicine practices, including outsourced medical billing and successful insurance coding and processing. Dr. Lipsey lectures nationally on dental sleep medicine and medical billing and is a full time advocate for sleep health and effective medical billing systems.