This dentist-specific seminar covers:
  • The devastating effects of sleep apnea, and how dentists are part of the solution.
  • Screening, testing, and treatment techniques to maximize the value you provide your patients.
  • How to navigate the complicated world of medical billing – hint, it’s good to have a partner here.
  • An overview of appliances and tips to choose the right one.

Imagine never obtaining a full night of sleep.

How many hours do you need – 6, 7, 8? You likely know the minimum number, and you know if you don’t reach it tonight then tomorrow is not going to be fun. Brain fog. Irritability. You probably have trouble concentrating and time moves slowly.

Now imagine feeling that way every single day, no matter how much you slept the night before. It’s depressing, but this is the experience of many people with sleep apnea. Some have suffered for so long they don’t realize that this isn’t normal or that there are places to go for help

“…although you’re lying there all night and your eyes are closed, you never reach that restful stage of sleep. I was tired and I didn’t realize I was tired, because that was all I’ve ever been — was tired.” – GK, sleep apnea patient (CNN News, 2015)

You can help.

We’ll be honest – there may be resistance

“Why is my dentist asking about sleep?”

During the screening process there are definitely some ways to respond that are better than others. In our experience, patients are more likely to be motived by social and lifestyle issues than be interested in the many peer-reviewed, statistically-verified studies that link sleep apnea to diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes.*

Reduce snoring
Sleep in the same bed as your partner again!
Improve concentration
Gain the ability to effectively focus and complete daily tasks!
Increase energy
Give yourself the best chance lose weight and stay healthy!

And for you, the dentist with the sleep program, here are the benefits:

Attract new patients
In addition to offering your current patients another service, new patients (usually those who have failed CPAP) will seek you out.
Make more money
As healthcare providers it’s often faux pas to talk about money, but if we can’t keep the doors open we can’t keep helping people.

“I’ve tried this before” – dentists

We speak to A LOT of dentists – we know that you probably fit into one of two categories: I don’t know anything about sleep apnea or how to start.


I tried this before, spent lots of money, and it didn’t work.

We get it, and we have solutions. Learn why the processes you are using are broken and how to fix the problem. We can help you with:

  • Issues with screening
  • Issues with diagnostic testing
  • Issues with treating
  • Issues with billing

The complicated world of medical billing

Concerns with medical billing often cause dental practices to be leary of implementing dental sleep medicine. Not to worry… support is available.

Our partner, Dr. Marty Lipsey, is a pioneer in the world of medical billing for dentists. He and his team have over eleven years of experience, exclusively in sleep. They are experts in communicating with insurance companies to ensure that you get paid and that your patients are offered the lowest possible out of pocket expense.

Dr Lipsey is presenting at the seminar and will cover billing basics, among other topics. If you’d like to chat before then feel free to call or email.

Marty R. Lipsey, DDS, MS

President, Dental Sleep Med Systems
Direct: (209) 527-1995

Success in Sleep overview

One day, eight hours of education guaranteed to kick off your dental sleep program. We cover:

  • Initial sleep screening

    Introduction to sleep disorders
    How to evaluate and identify OSA risk
    Effective ways to communicate your findings

  • Diagnostic sleep testing

    Working with sleep physicians
    Understanding sleep test results
    Case presentation and treatment options

  • Clinical treatment

    Bite registrations and impressions
    Appliance selection and titrations
    After treatment follow-up

  • Medical billing

    Medical insurance basics
    Benefits and challenges of Medicare
    Billing solutions and options


To be announced!




Henry Armstrong
Dental Sleep Program Manager
(702) 389-4910


Success in Sleep
One day, 8 CE credits


Learn how to screen,
test, treat, and bill for
sleep apnea.
from $295


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About us

HST America a home sleep testing service provider. We have been working with sleep apnea patients for the last decade and are the only national testing program where units are hand-delivered and demonstrated.

We’re not here to upsell you. We’re offering the seminar at cost and on the day there will be no pitch for you to purchase equipment, sign contracts, or spend more money on educational courses. Our goal is to help you introduce a sleep program and earn the referrals for home sleep tests you will require.