Your home sleep test.

The SleepMed ARES is a wireless testing device, worn during sleep for one or two nights in the comfort of your own home. The test measures your pulse, blood oxygen saturation, snoring levels, and head position. After the test is completed, data is scored and sent to your referring doctor who will discuss the results with you.


After insurance verification, an HST America representative will call you to schedule a date for your test. In some cases a representative will hand deliver the device. In most cases the device will be delivered by mail. In the box you will find simple instructions of how to complete the test. If you have any questions you will be able to call a representative during normal business hours for assistance.

The delivery method will be explained at the time of your scheduling phone call. Devices are shipped express overnight and include a return shipping label at no additional cost to you.

Two nights of testing.

You should start the test on the first night you receive the device and run the second round of testing on the night directly after. For example, if you receive the device on Monday, you should wear it to bed on Monday and Tuesday night. On Wednesday, your therapist will pick up the device, or if using mail for delivery, you would drop it back in the post by 1pm. Sticking to this schedule allows us to have the results in time for your follow-up appointment.

Your therapist will walk you through the SleepMed ARES setup in-person or over the phone, the inset video and PDF instructions are provided here for quick reference. We also have published a list of tips to help avoid inaccurate or incomplete results, view: Ten Easy Mistakes That Can Delay or Invalidate Home Sleep Test Results.

Home Sleep Test Instructions

Downloadable PDF.

Need assistance? Please call your RT or (855) 937-2543

What’s next?

After your device is returned, the data is uploaded to an online portal where a board-certified sleep physician reviews and provides a diagnosis. The results are bundled with a treatment recommendation and sent to your doctor who will review with you at your follow-up appointment.

What can appear on the results?

The SleepMed ARES device tests for sleep breathing disorders, specifically a condition called sleep apnea. If you home sleep test indicates for sleep apnea this is not a cause for alarm. Sleep apnea is highly treatable with many options such as lifestyle changes and oral appliance therapy, or more permanent fixes such as surgery. Your physician will help you determine which is right for you.